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“Write. Write shit.”

So goes the advice of my first adviser in grad school. It’s common advice to write first and edit later. He was the first one to tell me that.

I have been writing since I was 6 years old. I wrote a Thanksgiving play and numerous other skits performed in front of politely smiling parents.  Writing for the stage was not my calling,  so I moved on to writing short stories that were occasionally deemed worthy of awkward classroom readings. I attempted to write a novel in fifth grade but couldn’t figure out where the plot was going. I tried again in high school but got bored of it before finishing. Like every adolescent girl, I wrote poetry but was smart enough to know it should never see the light of day. I wrote in college creative writing classes, workshopping short stories and some not-so-bad poetry. In 2013 I attempted and failed spectacularly at NaNoWriMo. In 2014 I signed up and never put a word to paper. Oops.

Writing always was more of a hobby to me, so I became a psychologist instead of a writer. I focus on the quantitative side of research in my psychology career (the part I get paid for, at least), so writing might not fit in so well at first glance. Writing ability helps, however, because you could have the most awesome results ever but if you can’t get the importance of them across to other people, it’s all for naught. Now, most of the stuff I write is in the form of research reports at work, but hey, I think they’re pretty interesting.

Here are some pieces I’ve written. (I think some of these links are broken for various reasons. It’s on my to-do list to update them)

Research reports for

“Bitters” vs “Lovers”: What our Valentine’s Day outlook says about us

Worth the Weight: How happiness corresponds with dieting

Roller Derby

I was the New York Roller Derby Examiner (for a while, then passed the torch because I am not really a sports writer, try as I might).

On Derby News Network:

Suburbia hosts Jersey Brawl, Shock Exchange vs. Death Quads (11/6/09)

In Gotham, Manhattan Stifles Brooklyn, 121-93 (6/6/09)

Gotham Intraleague: Bronx Runs Down Queens 121-78 (5/21/09)

Pioneer Valley Faces New Jersey & New York in Co-Ed Action (5/5/09)

Gotham Championship: Queens of Pain Rule Bronx Gridlock, 161-113 (11/13/08)

Gotham Home Teams Sweep in Post-Season Doubleheader (10/3/08)

Gotham Intraleague: Bronx Gridlock Hold Off Queens of Pain, 90-86 (8/27/08)

Gotham Intraleague: Manhattan Sinks Brooklyn, 146-91 (9/19/08)

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