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I’ve been in various newspapers, magazines, online video spots, etc. Most of them are for roller derby.

Studies I conducted

Americans report risky behavior, nationwide survey [ARTICLE/VIDEO] (I was the principal investigator for the survey, published in the March 2009 issue of Consumer Reports; the video aired nationally on local TV news stations)

Roller derby!

Metromix New York: Gotham Girls Roller Derby Championship | Hunter College [PHOTOS] (that’s me on the jammer line in pic #31 and here and there throughout)

NY Daily News: NYC’s roller derby girls are athletes who like to rough it [ARTICLE/PHOTOS]

Predicto TV:

Rebel Ink magazine: Hellcats on Wheels [ARTICLE/PHOTOS]

Metromix New York:

Roller Girls: Photography by Susan Moss (someone told me that there’s a photo of me in this book but I still haven’t seen a copy. If that’s true, it’s from June of 2007 when I guest-skated for Lehigh Valley against Montreal Roller Derby. I went by the name “Ricochet Rabbit” then and my home league was the New Jersey Dirty Dames)

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