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I struggled with what to name this blog. I settled on “Dainty Inferno” for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s the name I used for roller derby.
  2. It’s unique. Before I skated derby, it was a pseudo-Googlewhack. “Pseudo” such that it returned one hit only when you searched for it in quotes. It returned only a couple hundred results without. Now it returns over 100,000 hits and many of them refer to me. By contrast, if you Google Mandy Moreno (my real name), you get over 800,000 results, with very few of them actually leading to me. The other results include Mexican gangster, a Mexican pop star, and various other people with the same name who are not me.
  3. I couldn’t think of anything else meaningful. My derby name is apt such that I am actually quite dainty (5’1″ and ~115 pounds), but I’m also fiery in personality. Or maybe that’s me self-subscribing to the stereotype of the Latina spitfire. Either way, I am quite attached to this name. It is as much me as my given name.

This blog provides a place to doodle with words and collect assorted thoughts that need a home.

By the way, the header photo is by Eric Hauser.

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