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Every day is Saturday

November 18, 2009

It’s disorienting being unemployed. There’s nothing to get up early for, nowhere to be, nothing pressing to do. Without the guideline of a full time job to plan my time around, it’s difficult to get going on anything. I press snooze far more many times than usual. I’ve taken to getting my FreshDirect deliveries earlier so that I have something to get me out of bed. That covers one day out of every two weeks. The rest of the time I’m sleeping until noon and feeling guilty about it. Not guilty enough to drag myself out of bed earlier.

If I weren’t drawing on unemployment benefits, I’d find a part-time job to keep me busy. I can’t do that and keep my benefits, which I find strange. It’s great to have that safety net of unemployment insurance, no matter how tiny it is, yet it seems to do a great job of keeping me unemployed. I’d have to find a gig that gets me more than the $405 a week I’m getting right now, and if those kinds of jobs were plentiful, there wouldn’t be much of a problem.

One of the troubles is finding anything that I’m qualified for or interested in. I find 1 or 2 jobs a week that are worth applying for. I’m stuck in a strange kind of limbo, where I’m not quite fresh out of school, yet not experienced enough to satisfy the requirements for the senior level jobs. I’m the employee equivalent of day-old bread. Doesn’t someone out there need croutons?

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